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5 Reasons to Exercise This Morning

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Articles Published Elsewhere, Living Well

5 Reasons to Exercise This Morning

Here you are, lying in bed another morning. The alarm has just gone off, and you’re wondering if today is going to be any better than yesterday. I feel you. I’ve had a lot of those mornings. But now I’ve stopped wondering and started taking the day into my own hands.

My trick to get the stay started off right?

Get out of bed, (I know, it’s not always easy), and get my body moving.

My latest article at fitlife.tv will give you 5 big reasons why your workout is an ideal way to start the day.

Come on over and have a read!

Once you’ve read it I’d love to know: What’s your favorite way to sneak in exercise, when you don’t feel you have all day?

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  1. Before I read this article, I was already thinking about who I would want to share it with (after reading your suggestion to share it with those I love). I instantly thought of my dad.
    I went to the article and at first I read about how it kicks the need for coffee and makes you look refreshed and thought – darn not for him….and then I got to the insulin resistance part: Bingo Bango – that hit home for me, makes perfect sense for him, and is a very powerful message that I honestly had no idea about. I thought sugary things were best to eat in the morning, because you’d have all day to burn them off…quite the ah-ha moment (as us teachers call it).

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