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A Recipe for Life

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Living Well

Happy memorial day, fitness family!

Thank you so much to all of you who have served, both directly and through the work and sacrifice of loved ones, to make our country great.  I hope this glorious holiday weekend brings you lots of fun with family and friends.  I wish you a lot of delicious movement, happy food choices, and good ol’ fashioned enjoyment.

I know I’ll be enjoying some morning surf here in Venice beach, before the summer crowds descend full-force!

Last week, I told you why I like to workout in the morning, and I got a couple different comments by people who were as fascinated by the “insulin resistance” concept as I am.  In case you missed it, get caught up here.

To follow up, it seems only right to introduce you to the woman from whom I learned about insulin resistance, and a lot of other important, research-based food information, too!  Some of you know her already… Santa Monica’s own, Susan Dopart: The Doctor’s Dietician.

I’ve been a health professional for about 8 years now, but finally just read Susan’s book this year, and it managed to bring an extra clarity and simplicity to a lot of my own food questions.  As such, her book is my new favorite “Heidi’s Recommendable” health product. 🙂

She has a preview chapter you can check out on her website.
Susan Dopart: a recipe for life

I do sometimes get affiliate commission from products that I share with people, but this is NOT one of them.  I’m just honored to know Susan, and I honestly think her work is really rad.

Plus, after the BBQ, endless potato salad, and start-of-summer ice cream this weekend offers, I thought you might appreciate a little tool to get your eating back on track Tuesday ;).  I know I’ll be going back to my copy for a refresher!

Here’s to always learning, and making more loving choices for ourselves
🙂 Heidi


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