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Our Team

All of our trainers hold at least one national-level certification, and additional specialized education, to provide experienced, safe workout guidance.


Heidi Neilson

Heidi Neilson

Training Director/Founder

As the training director, Heidi is your “welcoming committee”  and source of programming oversight, at Freedom in Motion.  She will make sure you’re working with a trainer who best fits your unique needs, and coordinate with your doctors, where appropriate, so your workouts will best support your overall health.  You’ll probably see her for session occasionally, as she pops in to check on progress, and makes sure that everything you need from us is being taken care of.

With a diverse movement studies background, and nearly a decade serving clients with degenerative diseases and aging-related limitations, Heidi delights in being able to shed insight on stubborn fitness challenges, and support the training team in creating breakthroughs of movement freedom for our clients.  Heidi also holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and leads the team with a passion for supporting each client, exactly where they are, in having more comfort, self-acceptance, and fun.


Danielle LichtDanielle Licht

Danielle is Freedom in Motion’s Pilates specialist, and a well-loved trainer for her kind, intuitive heart and soft approach.

She spent her early twenties working as a professional dancer in a modern Israeli dance company, and  gradually transitioned into being a full-time Pilates and Yoga instructor. In 2009 she received her Masters degree  in Spiritual Psychology, and went on for post-graduate work in ‘Consciousness, Health and Healing.’  Danielle prides herself on her creativity and how much she loves seeing clients enjoy exercise, and have fun moving their bodies. She is particularly encouraging and compassionate, and she excels at catering to each client’s individual needs.




Brian Bielawski

Brian is an AFTA certified personal trainer, and a  Personal Health & Well-Being Coach.  Clients love him for his motivational combination of compassionate understanding and positive reinforcement.

Brian entered the industry a couple decades ago, because he was overweight and determined to correct his own ailing health. After transforming his own body and well-being, he made it his mission to help others reach THEIR goals. He has studied with many of the top exercise and nutrition experts in the country in many disciplines. They include yoga, pilates, functional strength training, core development, flexibility, rebounding, raw food diets, inner transformational work, and many more. He emphasizes healthy, natural paths to life-long well-being.  Brian has trained over 150 people of all  ages and sizes, and has active clients throughout the US.  He has transformed many lives with his warmth and direct support.



 Liza Haim

Liza is well-loved by clients all over town for her high energy sessions and her “magic hands”.

Her passion for the rehabilitative arts began decades ago, when doctors told her she would need surgery to correct the scoliosis in her spine.  She dived into a variety of physical arts and therapies, and learned to manage, and partially correct her own spine, without surgery.   Wanting to give back from the care she received, she worked as a professional massage therapist for 10 years.  In 2003,  she received her Pilates instructor certification, and has been helping Angelinos feel better through exercise ever since. She is an insatiable learner, and has also studied yoga, aerial arts, tai chi, and nutrition.


Dr. Michelle McLafferty

Dr. Michelle McLafferty

Also a currently practicing Doctor of Chiroptactic, we’re blessed to have Michelle’s specialized medical knowledge and huge warm-hearted care, on our team.  The oldest of 22 grandchildren, she has always been a natural caregiver and enjoys seeing people experience total wellness. Michelle is one of few Chiropractors in the U.S. with an expertise in aquatic rehabilitation.  Dr. McLafferty is also proficient in a variety of massage techniques, including a unique therapeutic Aquatic Massage in the pool or spa. Whether working with her on land or in the water, Michelle’s special touch fills her sessions with sweetness.