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Am I getting the right kind of exercise?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in Personal Training Basics

Am I getting the right kind of exercise?

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Learn more about making sure your exercise is right for YOU…

Have you ever felt like you were doing a workout designed for somebody else’s body?

Maybe it was too challenging, and robbed you of your enthusiasm for exercise. Maybe it was too easy, and you felt like you were wasting your time.  Maybe it was fun while you were doing it, but you just couldn’t see how it applied to helping your body work better in your daily activities.

If you’re young and healthy, and just looking to lose weight and tone up, you can probably get away with jogging around the block, and lifting some weights at your local gym.  If you’ve been sedentary for a long time though, or dealt with any orthopedic issues, or just daily life doesn’t feel very comfortable, wouldn’t you rather exercise in a way that will help you feel better overall?

Here’s some quick examples of what sort of exercise focus you may need, for your lifestyle:

If you’re sitting most of the day, you probably need:

  • Safe but challenging cardio for improved overall circulation
  • Lengthening for tight hip flexors and hamstrings (which may be causing you low back pain)
  • Strengthening for weak, overstressed glutes (from sitting on them all the time!)
  • Active engagement through the upper back and opening of the chest, particularly if you round over a computer, steering wheel, or book

If you’re looking for fall risk reduction, you probably need

  • core stabilization work
  • ankle mobility training
  • progressive balance drills
  • visual focus practice

If you’re rehabbing an injury, you may need

  • at-home form coaching to keep you following your physical therapist’s orders

As a Freedom in Motion client, you trainer will watch you sit and reach for ordinary objects, and determine the appropriate upper body strength training ratios to help make watching movies and running errands easier and more comfortable.

We’ll watch you walk, and help you stretch any muscles pulling you out of comfortable alignment, and strengthen the weak ones not support you in living the way you want.

We’ll coach you through a range of intensities, to make sure you’re challenged enough to see progress, while still safely supported.

We’ll support you increasing your overall activity levels, to meet the US Health Department Guidelines, for improved function of your internal organs and systems.

In short, every workout will be filled with a mix of different kinds of exercises, all geared precisely for your health history and fitness goals.

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