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Ep 25 – Racing Into the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in podcast

It’s Thanksgiving, and another milestone!  This episode includes my strategies for staying on track during the gluttony fest, excited progress from my recent obstacle course race, and updates on how my training is going with Coach Jen, now 2 1/2 weeks into her big changes.

I also wanted to share with you that Jen and Nicole are having a Black Friday Sale for 2015 Phat Camp registrations… Save up to $100!  I’ll be there next year, will you? Check it out at http://www.getphatwithnicole.com

Mentioned in this episode:

Rugged Maniac Race – http://www.ruggedmaniac.com

The Original Mud Run – http://www.worldfamousmudrun.com

Spartan Sprint – http://www.spartan.com

Coaching with Jen – http://www.getphatonline.com/

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast, and how your transformational journeys are going.  You can reach me by email at heidi@AthleteEmerging.com, and on twitter, Instagram, and Two Grand (food diary app), as @AthleteEmerging.

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