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Heated Pool? Use it for winter workouts!

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Articles Published Elsewhere, Exercise Form, Videos

Heated Pool? Use it for winter workouts!
The weather finally dropped to a chilly 45 degrees last night here in Los Angeles.  It may seem like a strange time to talk about getting in the pool, but with the air cooler, an 80-85 degree pool will feel deliciously roasty toasty!   Our group aquatics are on pause for the winter, but our own Cynthia and Michelle have been plugging right along with their private clients, and getting some great pool workouts in, even on the coldest of days!  Getting the body moving, in any environment, is always a good way to generate heat, and health!
Michelle had a special feature come out a few weeks ago on the popular website eHow, that I wanted to share with you!  She’s their resident expert on water workouts, and we’re so excited for her to branch out into this wider audience!
Check out her basic introductory exercises that anyone can do, in this video!
Want more aquatic exercise?  Give us a call – our aqua trainers are always happy to jump back in the pool!    Or, for more video fun, check out the rest of Michelle’s Water Workouts series on eHow!

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