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The Surprisingly Awesome Radish

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Articles Published Elsewhere

The Surprisingly Awesome Radish

I’m not a dietician.  I focus on active lifestyle and exercise, and refer clients looking for in-depth nutritional help to great professionals in that area.  I do, however, love food, and learning more and more about how to take care of these bodies we wear around with us.  I’m on an ongoing exploration of what sort of eating habits serve my own body the best, and as part of that I want to introduce you to a new little red friend of mine.

While they’re not particularly rare or exotic in my area, I somehow had never really gotten to know radishes, until recently.  Now, I might be in love. They’re a cool, crisp, and refreshingly spicy snack to just pull out of the fridge and munch on, on warm springtime afternoons. Plus, I’ve learned that they’re saucy little powerhouses of good-for-youness that’s hard to beat!

Click here to read my article about 5 benefits of radishes, on fitlife.tv!

And since I know some of you probably have used radishes a lot more than I have, I have to ask… what are your favorite radish recipes?

Thanks for sharing!

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