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VIDEO: Escaping the Comparison Trap

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in Living Well, Videos

VIDEO: Escaping the Comparison Trap

Ever caught yourself just feeling bad, and not sure why?  You just might have been mentally comparing yourself, and not even realized it!  Here’s one of my own stories with comparing, and the best way that I know of to just knock it off.

Rather read the bullet points than watch a 4-minute video?  Okay, I don’t blame ya!

  • Comparing makes us feel crappy
  • Watch out for comparing yourself to other people, or to your own self, at a different time!
  • Stop comparing by bringing your body back to the present moment (breathe, hug, stretch)

Check out the video for more detail.  AND share with me your favorite ways to come back to the present moment when you catch yourself comparing!  Right here in the comments below —>


  1. Oops… Sorry gang, I know the background music ended up really loud on this one…. bear with us, and we’ll make sure our next video is more audible!

  2. I loved what you had to say. It is very inspiring. I am sorry, though, that your beautiful choice in music was a little too loud. I do enjoy and learn from your insightful messages that you share. Please keep them coming. Love Mama.

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